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Justin Petrash

Agent in Charge

My name is Justin Petrash. I am your We Insure Broker here in Oklahoma. I started in the industry back in 2016 with a whole lot to learn. Thankfully for me, a handful of great managers took me under their wings. First off, I was instructed to learn where I need to meet each and every customer in each and every situation. This means constantly evolving my conversation to ensure they understand what they have, what they need, and what I can offer them. Not everyone is an expert in insurance and the lingo; My job is to be that expert for my clients. Next, as an independent agent, I am not dealing with one system. I was put through the fire quoting 20 clients a day, every day, week after week. I mastered using over 10 different carriers in the 47 states I am licensed in. The goal with my clients is to always leave them in a more secure position whether that means a better policy, more understanding of what they need to do, or leaving them with a sense of security that they are already properly covered.

When I switch my insurance hat for my home hat, I am playing at home with my 2-year-old son and/or taking care of my beautiful wife as she prepares to welcome our daughter in the world. I am a Disciple of Yeshua regularly attending Grafted Church in Yukon with my amazing spiritual family. We love to study and discuss scripture as often as we can. Besides those things, I also am a huge sports fan especially for collegiate wrestling and the UFC.